Jul 2, 2009

Canada Day Apocalypse

Apocalypse on Canada Day was fun, although not everyone was able to make it. Suffice, we pushed onward and wrangled up 8000 points to blast each other into oblivion with. We had planned on doing regular updates in a post to make a more complete account of the battle but that plan fell through. There was plenty of talk before the game about the dreaded Vortex grenade and equipping it, which made us think that our opponents were going to take one.

A Nurgle Infested Warhound looms over the battlefield.

The times bid were 10 minutes and 20 minutes and the Chaos, Orks and Necrons put down first and deployed agressively across No Mans Land. They kept a lot of Orks in reserve, but they would show up later on. We deployed opposite of the battle line, as far away as possible to maximize our range. The War Walker squadron I depoyed was annihilated by a scattering Turbo-Laser blast at the start of the battle.

 Orks enter the battlefield from the Flank March strategic asset, however they take casualties from the Ambush asset.

The Orks came in behind all of our heavy support in a manner of 7 units, and did some damage, but not before the ambush provided by the Exodite scouts thined their numbers.

A Cobra takes heavy damage to its engines.

The Orks lingered around our lines for a while tearing up as many tanks as they could sink their power claws into. A Nob managed to shred the Scorpion tank and rendered it a smoking wreck on the battlefield. They were soon cut down by a unit of Dire Avengers who worked across the flank tearing up the Orks one unit at a time. Nightwing fighers targeted the Warhound and knocked out it's shields while a Tiger Shark fired the heavy rail cannons and tried to take out the Warhound in a single volley. It failed but it did do one structure point of damage. 
In a fit of retaliation, or maybe just normal Orkyness, the Ork stompa fired and blew up a Wave Serpent with the Deth Cannon.
The Warhound unleased the Turbo-Laser onto the Seer Council and killed the entire unit do to poor rolling on my part and not having Fortune up because they just entered the table from the Storm Serpent the previous turn.

The Deceiver and Necrons head for the center fountain objective. Moments later the Cobra is free from the Ork assault and opens fire sending the C'Tan into the Warp with the D-Cannon.

 The Necron forces advanced with the Monolith and started to move to the center objective. The Dire Avengers finished freeing up the Cobra from the Ork attackers, and now that it was no longer shaken it unleased a devistating blast towards the fountain and gave the 3 Destroyers, 9 Necrons and the Deveiver a one way trip into the warp. A few Fire Warriors also cleaned up some Ork units on our side of the table. The Tiger Shark opened fire on the shieldless Warhound again, causing a chain reaction and destroying it entirely.

 A Storm Serpent crashes through swathes of Orks.

After all that carnage, the Storm Serpent slipped behind the enemy lines and pushed several units of Orks out of the way to contest an objective. The Stompa unloaded onto some Fire Wariors and caused them to flee.
In the end, there actually was no Vortex grenade (insert sigh of releif here). Although we did spend some time trying to hammer the enemy characters to try and eliminate that threat because we thought it was there. Perhaps it was part of their plan all along?
Suffice we held the Vital Objective after unleashing an ungodly ammount of firepower onto the Stormpa to bring it down, and contested another, pushing us ahead at the last moment for a 2-1 victory. The battlefield was for the most part empty at that point with the majority of units having been blasted into oblivion. But this is Apocalypse, and units getting blasted into oblivion is how it should be. Check out the video above for more!


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