Jun 28, 2009

Battle Report - Eldar VS Orks

This was a battle that was quite interesting to look at. On one side of the table, about a hundred Orks. On the other side, 2 Fire Prisms. The setup was Capture and Control, and Spearhead with 1100 points. I won the roll to deploy and chose to go second with the Orks setting up on a table quarter and me setting up just my Fire Prisms. I wanted to keep my other units back until later, since the more I put down the closer I would get to this Ork horde - with my opponent spreading out his units it was taking up a huge chunk of the board and limiting my manuverability.

I concentrated the Fire Prisms on the Deffcoptas to get rid of the fastest things first, and to get rid of a shooting threat to my tanks. I managed to kill one unit, but it let the other unit get close hovering over my objective. they fired on one Prism but luckily it was only shaken. A result I could deal with. The Fire Prism them proceeded to tank shock the Deffcoptas on my turn, placing it's footprint over the objective keeping it guarded.

The board was still flooded with Orks however, though I did have a unit of Jetbikes come on along the other side. they were about to make a run for the Ork objective which was pretty much unguarded. I don't think they were expecting this. Had they not left me enough room for my Jetbikes to advance, I was going to kick in star engines on my wave serpent and cross the table to snatch it up with Storm Guardians.


As it turns out it wasn't going to be nessicary to use the Wave Serpent that way, so I needed to slow down some Orks on one side. I used my Storm Guardians to light them up in tandem with a Farseer. Although the Storm Guardians then died brutally in the ensuing assault by the Ork mob, I had tempted my opponent to backtrack to go after them rather than move forward towards the objective.

On my next turn I did something some might say is a little bit cheezy, but I needed to hold off the Orks. Farseer goes out alone, uses Fortune and Dooms the Ork mob I need to slow down, uses her large Jetbike move to get around them and then assaults. this causes the orks to move again, backwards away from the objective as "Defenders React". I didn't expect the Farseer to win, I just needed to give my other units some breathing space.

Farseer kills two Orks in combat, then makes 14 saves unassisted by Fortune. the Orks almost failed their leadership test which [would have been incredibly funny to see we all agreed]. The next round of combat saw more attacks now that the Orks were close, and the Warboss could get in with the power klaw. Farseer fails to do anything, but survives all of the Ork boys, taking only one wound thanks to Fortune, and manages to shrug off the power klaw with her Rune Armor. this lasted another round until the Farseer died, but at least at this point the game was about to end.

I had a wrecked Fire Prism on top of my objective with 3 Ork units that could claim it. I simply took the Wave Serpent and slid it into place to contest. Would that had gone down, I could then move the other Fire Prism into place on the following turn. The game ended with the Eldar holding 1 objective and contesting the other.


Raptor1313 June 28, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

You gotta love all those little tricks you can pull with the 'defenders react.

I actually pulled off a win because of it; my opponent had conga-lined a 20-something mob of Orkz across two objectives. Then, with an assault...6" away from the objective.

I don't think taking advantage of that is cheezy at all. It's a part of the game, and can serve as a balancing factor for larger units. Sure, they can claim multiple objectives, but that's heavily reilant on good positioning.

Out of curiosity, what do you kit the Storm Guardians out with? I've been considering a 10-man unit with a couple flamers as a way of simply getting flamers into the army (...since it's that, a Seer Council, or giving Fire Dragons schizophrenia by giving them ONE heavy flamer...

Akenseth June 28, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

I load them up with Flamers and sometimes I take a Warlock with Destructor. Though I don't usually plan on them actually getting out of the Wave Serpent where they are squishy.

Don't forget the Wraithlord can take two flamers. ;)

How awesome would it be if Fire Dragons could all have Flamers?

Raptor1313 June 29, 2009 at 12:40 PM  

Yeah, there is the good ol' Wraithlord with his double-flamers of happiness. (Or are they twin-linked since he took duplicate weapons?)

And if Fire Dragons could ALL take flamers, I'd make a point of running thre units of 'em. 2 with meltaguns for the 'you must die!' to armor, and then one with flamers just because it'd make me giggle after dooming stuff with crap saves.

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