Jun 14, 2009

10000K Point Apocalypse

This was the big game. 10000+ points per side. We just rough guessed the lists and plopped down as many things as we possibly could, and boy was it amazing. See the Video below.

The setup was Good Versus Evil with Eldar, Space Marines, and Tau taking up the defense of a city about to be overrun by legions of Tyranids, Orks, Chaos, and even Necrons for good measure. The game was played by combining two large tables together.

The objective? Get as many scoring units to within 6" of the central green energy pillar as possible! Even the Storm Serpent got a chance to get out and play. After giving it a test run, it works wonderfully within the rules and we all thought the points cost was aporopriate.

Models died in handfulls, just to be replaced by more units each passing turn as reserves came in. Literally hundreds of Tyranids and Orks were on the table!

The Nurgle Warhound titan caused a lot of damage when the Super Heavies started trading fire. It wasn't long before the streets became flooded with hundreds of models and many dice were thrown around. Eventually the Warhound got taken out by a Tiger Shark, and deep striking terminators shredded a D-Cannon. As the Evil forces closed in there was time for one more turn.

More troops and dozens of vehicles entered the game and after tons of shooting and rolling heaping piles of dice, we had run out of time. Only a Seer Council and a unit of Deffcoptas were close enough to the objective, but neither unit was a scoring unit. The game was called and ended in a draw.

Had the game continued, I was going to continue to throw the weight of my Seer Council around and block off the objective using a strategically placed Cobra and Storm Serpent from the previous turn, their large hulls acting as a barrier between incomign enemy units and the objective. Both of these models are over 11 inches long. I would then move my own troops in and end up holding the objective with the highest number of scoring units.


Akenseth June 14, 2009 at 6:24 PM  

It was amazingly fun, if not chaotic experience of playing with 9 people at once.

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