May 15, 2009

Storm Serpent Conversion - Part 4

I want to start off by saying thanks for everyone who has given me feedback on this project so far. It's all been insightful and helpful to completing this project!

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This is an idea I've had all day and have been waiting impatiently at work in order to get back to post about it. In looking for a way to do the webway projector with minimal damage to my model, I thought about using the Falcon Type II hull extensions. As it turns out these pieces fit very neatly onto the Scorpion hull, almost as if they were meant to go there. I've got them stuck on with sticky tac at the moment, and waiting for some feedback from you guys before doing anything more permanent.

Here's my question: Does this meet the requirements based on the Epic model, while allowing me some artistic licence, or is it merely a cheap way out? You, the reader decide! I guess that I kinda view it from the perspective that the 40K and Epic designs are notibly different anyway for the others models at least. A reason I'm liking my design is that it makes the hull more distinct from the Cobra.


The Inner Geek May 15, 2009 at 11:08 PM  

It definitely gives the impression of something like the epic vehicle has working. I would be curious to see how it looks with the bits you tacked on turned so that they stick out forward instead of extending back towards the pilot.

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