May 5, 2009

Designing the Storm Serpent

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Okay, back to the Storm Serpent for the moment. While I haven't had the Forgeworld supplies arrive yet so that I can begin construction on the Storm Serpent, I've taken some feedback that I have received and have made a few changes to the rules for this Engine of Vaul. You'll see those changes soon enough after my entry gets submitted for the Astro Mag contest.

What I do want to talk about here is some of the basics and reasonings for the points value of the Storm Serpent and how it compares to the other two Engines of Vaul.

The Epic rules are a good starting point for this project, since that is the only place the Storm Serpent has actually appeared, and in order to create an analog in 40K scale, Imperial Armor Apocalypse was used since it contains the datasheets for both the Scorpion and the Cobra.

The Storm Serpent shares the same basic chasis as the Scorpion, Cobra and Void Spinner. Just as the Falcon, Fire Storm, Fire Prism, Wave Serpent and Night Spinner all share the same chasis. It was only reasonable to give the same armor values to the Storm Serpent as the Scorpion and Cobra.

It was at this point I decided to go back to the old Vehicle Design Rules and have a look at what a basic Super Heavy Tank, Fast, Skimmer with BS4, 12/12/11 armor and 3 structure points would cost. I worked it out and it came to 310 points + 100 points for the Eldar Fields. Of cource, the VDR is mostly outdated now, and it was always overpriced to boot.

So, with 410 points, I looked into the Apocalypse rules to find something that was simmilar to this Wraithgate. I thought of the Flank March strategic asset, and knowing that you get an additional assett for a difference of 250 points. Of cource there are differences here, notibly the Storm Serpent Wraithgate only works while the Storm Serpent still has at least one structure point, while flank march doesn't care about a specific targetable unit being able to stay alive. A table edge is far larger than a webway portal, so I decided there needed to be some limiting factor behind using the Storm Serpent as a table edge.

Firstly, like all Eldar tanks, the Storm Serpent would only allow units to exit from the rear. In this case, only the rear of the Storm Serpent would count for a friendly table edge on it's rear. Secondly, the Storm Serpent would allow for only units that were small enough to fit through the Wraithgate, so nothing that was a Super Heavy, Flyer, or Tank could make use of it. Thirdly, only 3 units could make use of the Wraithgate on each Storm Serpent per turn. Finally, should an Eldar unit fall back, the Storm Serpent counts as a table edge.

This means that the Storm Serpent can still fit it's role as dictated in the fluff and it works along side the Epic Rules: "... may only be used by formations made up exclusively of infantry, light vehicles, and armoured vehicle units with the Walker ability; formations that include any other type of unit may not use a Wraithgate to enter play."

Finally, I made the Storm Serpent Pulse Laser an upgraded Falcon Pulse Laser and allowed it to take the standard Eldar weapon set.


Max May 5, 2009 at 4:32 PM  

Sounds really cool- can't wait to see how it looks/how it handles.

wundermich May 15, 2009 at 12:30 PM  
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wundermich May 15, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

HI. Brilliant idea. can I steal it some day?

Besides that.
If I remember correctly the main advantage of the Stormserpent is that the gate is in the front and it can essentially be used the same way an assault ramp is used just way bigger.
So I would suggest using it to the front.

Sorry I found some spelling mishap and had to repost.

Akenseth May 15, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

Thats the kind of information I'm looking for! In retrospect it does make sense that it would work that way. It also explains the structure on the front.

And yes you can "steal" the idea; so can everyone. I'll be posting the Datasheet at the end of the month.

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