Apr 5, 2009

Mistakes and Planning

Games have been going good, but they could be going better. Is it the fault of the dice? No. Are my opponents causing me trouble? No, not really. (Although don't take that as an insult guys). Really, the only thing that can be blamed is the mistakes I make during a game.

Generally, it involves me making mistakes during the movement phase, once it's done, it's too late to go back after all. It's only usually one per game, but I want to stop doing it all together. I figure the best way of doing this is to write it down for myself. By doing this I can get some feedback and have something concrete to reference in the future.

My biggest mistake is placing my Farseer in the wrong spots. Why is this so important? Well, first, it means that I can't get my powers off on the units I need to get them off on when I need to get them off. This is critical, my units suffer when they don't have some Eldar psychic goodness to back them up. Last game I played I boosted too far in the previous turn (yes, boosting too far), so that I was beyond 6" for casting guide on my Vypers. Result, epic failure in the shooting phase.

Another consideration is keeping my Farseer in range for 2 powers that have different ranges, and are going to be targeting different units. A good example? Doom and Guide. You need to end up in a sort of middle ground to get both powers off.

Okay, after my mistakes with my Farseer and moving my units, another mistake I need to stop doing is shooting at targets that present themselves just for the sake of shooting them. I've been finding that it's far more important to be in the right spot in the board next turn, the turn after that, ect; rather than to be shooting and wiping out the enemy as quickly as possible. I find that I've been taking too many chances that just seem to backfire, putting me out of position.

I think I have a grasp on my army, I just need to get everything to work together perfectly. Playing Eldar is like conducting a symphony. If any instrument is out of tune with the others, it just performs terribly.


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