Apr 5, 2009

Exodite Conversion Ideas

Updated 04-06-09

Lets talk about various ideas for making units and what each unit in a Craftworld Eldar list can be used for an Exodite army. These are just some selection of conversion ideas, obviously there are tons more, but this is how I've done, or plan to do everything. Not all of these are original ideas by me, but I'm going to put them here anyway.

If you can see anything I've missed (I don't have ideas for every unit), have more ideas, or just want to join in the discussion, make sure you leave a comment below! I'll add further ideas to the post.


Autarch - This is definitely fitting for Exodites. He could represent a great mighty warrior or cheiftan. A good idea would be to mount him on a Dragon like dragon knights. Laser lance is definitely the weapon of choice here. I've used parts from the High Elf dragon boxed set to represent my Autarch.

Farseer/Warlocks - Psykers in tune with the World Spirit of the Exodites. For mine, I have mounted them on Cold ones, like the Dragon Knights conversions. I've used High Elf mage parts, and a spear from the high elf chariot to represent a singing spear.

*NEW* The Avatar (As Suggested by Cannonfodder) - Exdoite mounted on a Carnosaur. "Because the baron tamed a Carnosaur >:) ! He has Balistic skill of 5 and makes good use of it- wielding a big fusion gun (Wailing Doom). He is tough as a nail and has a boneshield (3+/4+ save). And he inspires his followers around him to fight harder (no fear for everyone around him)."


Guardian Jetbike - Here's where we get some conversions going. Exodite armies traditionally have numbers of Dragon based cavalry. Where cavalry is concerned, Guardian Jetbikes certainly not, but some provisions have to be made. Guardian Jetbikes can be used to represent Exodite Dragon Knights. Conversion is simple using Dark Elf Cold ones. Also consider using some of the mohawk and wild hair style Damonette of Slaanesh heads for these models. I've also used Dark Elf corsair daggers to give them more of a wild look.

Guardians - Like on the Craftworlds, the Exodite armies would be composed primarily of artisans and workers. Guardians form the standard militia of the Exodites. I like using the extra helmeted heads from the Dark Elf cold one knight sprue.

Rangers - Rangers could potentially come from two types of background. Exodite forces could raise their own type of Rangers from their lifestyle and need to defend their world. They would act as hunters and perhaps outlying scouts and watchmen for the Exodites. The other background a Ranger in an Exodite force could simply be one of the Eldar who is walking the Path of the Outcast and is defending an Exodite outpost. You could use regular Eldar Rangers for rangers that come from the craftworlds, or dark elf corsairs for bits.

Dire Avengers - Exodite Knights. They represent the elite fighting members of an exodite force. I will be converting a unit soon, and I am going to be using some Dark Elf corsair parts such as the capes, and the weapons to do the conversions.


Harlequins - Harlequins visit all of the Eldar fragments, and sometimes even human worlds. Theres not really any reason to not use them as is. If you're feeling adventurous, Wood Elf wardancers with some weapon swaps would make some good Exodite centered conversions.

Fire Dragons - This is one of the aspects I can see working well with conversions. I think using Dark Elf corsair capes on them, and either using Dire Avenger bodies or the metal Fire Dragons to attach the capes to. I am personally fond of the older style Fire Dragon head, so when I do mine, I will probably be using those.

Wraithguard - Cannonfodder and I have been discussing some interesting ideas from using old cold ones, salamanders and armor plates from weapon sprues. A Warlock in this unit could be designed after a Dark Elf Beastmaster, to prevent "dragonsight" (IE, Wraithsight)

Fast Attack

Shining Spears - Perhaps the best suited "aspect warriors" for an Exodite army. They don't represent aspect warriors, but rather the elite of all Exodite riders. For these I used dire avengers torsos and modeled them the same as the Guardian Jetbikes. I used the old style Fire Dragon heads for these riders, which really fits in well with the character of the army.

Vyper Jetbikes - Craftworld Army support.

Swooping Hawks - I have an awesome idea for Swooping Hawks in an Exodite army. They could be converted using the existing models, replacing the wings with harpy wings from the dark elf sprue. Alternatively, you could use some Dire Avengers and the harpy wings as well, making sure to model up some new guns for them.

Heavy Support

Falcon Grav Tank - Craftworld Army support.

Fire Prism - Craftworld Army Support.

Warwalkers - A perfect Exodite vehicle for scouting and pacifying dragons and megadons. I used a Dark Elf corsair banner with dragon tops mounted on the back of the War Walker.

Wraithlord - With the new plastic Stegadon, it's a perfect chance to model up a megadon. I haven't done this yet, but I was thinking that using a weapon platform or war walker bits to mount weapons might be possible. Since the Wraithlord isn't a vehicle, the size of the model doesn't matter so much in the rules, only really the base. Mount him on a 60mm war walker base and you're set. Although some players might not like the reduced profile of the model. Make sure to ask your opponent first.

Weapon Platforms - I see two options here, use some Lizardmen salamanders, or cold ones with weapons mounted on them, with weapon platform bits, plus guardians as indicated above, or to just use the existing models.

Legendary Units/Formations

Nightwing Interceptor - Way back when I was first coming up with some ideas for the army, I was thinking of using High Elf Dragons for tanks. Well, it turns out I've abandoned this in favor of going for some real tanks. I plan on taking the 3 dragons I was going to have and mounting them on some rods, and elevating them on some oval bases. Add some weapons from the normal weapon sprue, and you have a Nightwing for apocalypse.


RonSaikowski April 5, 2009 at 9:13 PM  

Very cool.
I've always liked the look of Exodite armies, maybe it's because I know the amount of work that goes into them.

Cannonfodder April 6, 2009 at 3:08 AM  

Excelent write down. Might I add the avatar to your considerations. I wrote down why when I also settled for the megandon/wraithlord. Find my post here:

The Inner Geek April 6, 2009 at 9:42 AM  

Some pretty good ideas there! I wish I could add something, but you already covered more than I could have thought of. Great work.

Akenseth April 6, 2009 at 11:37 AM  

Thanks guys. Apreciate all the feedback.

Cannonfodder: I've added the Avatar to the post. Thanks!

MakurA April 6, 2009 at 1:06 PM  

Have you seen this web?

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