Apr 25, 2009

Exodite Cloudrunner Squadron

When air support from the Eldar Craftworlds is unavailable or more limited, the Exodites will use Cloudrunner formations made of the eldest tamed dragons on the planet to scout ahead and attack the enemy from an aerial position with a torrent of shuriken and bright lance fire. Exodite psykers use a complex spirit stone link with the helmets of the dragons to guide their actions in battle as if they were a single entity.

These are the begining of a new project I'm working on. If you've been following my blog for a while now, you'll know I was once thinking of using High Elf dragons as the basis of tanks in my army. If you want to read more on that, click on this.

Since then the idea has fallen wayside, and I have decided to make use of those models I purchased.

Heres some info on my current process. First I trimmed all of the rocks from the dragon feet so they could be elevated higher on the battlefield. Getting some large oval bases, I added some pennies to weigh them down for better ballancing, and I filled them with a casting resin; that way, the pennies would be permanently part of the base. Neat!

Next I drilled a hole into the base, and three holes into each of the dragons where there is a back armor plating on the underside. One of these holes plases the belly parallel to the ground, and the others give it a rolling action either to the left or right. I can then position the models as I please Since the plate is relatively flat, it makes it easier to drill through.

Next, I cut up an old coat hanger, and then made several rods from it. I glued these into the bases. The extra resin on the bottom makes the rod far more secure than if I had not used any.

Obviously these still need a lot of work, but I thought that I would show you an early peek at my new project. (After I finish that pesky Scorpion of cource!)


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