Mar 8, 2009

Wave Serpent Type II Conversion - Walkthrough - Part 2

Part 2 picks up where part 1 left off.

Here we have the standard GW components on the right, and the Forgeworld components on the left. I've already trimmed the flash and bits off of the Forgeworld pieces and have them ready to go. We will obviously be using Forgeworld components in this model.

The next thing to do in the conversion is to take the back extention and glue it into place over the back hold and the top of the hull behind the turret. If it doesn't fit flushly, run it under hot water until it's slightly bendable so it will form to the new shape. Fill any gaps with greenstuff later.

Put the turret base into the hole where the turret normally goes. This is perhaps the easiest step of the whole lot.

Assemble the upper turret using the sleeker Forgeworld component.

Remember where we cut off those rods from Part 1? This is why. These side extensions on the model will only fit if those rods are removed. Simply glue them to the hull to complete this step.

Attach the weapons to the top turret. In this instance I've used twin linked Shuriken Cannons for the time being. Don't forget though, that the weapons don't have to be glued to stay on, so you can always change them out for what weapons you want. With that last step, you now have a Wave Serpent Type II to defend the Craftworld/Maiden World.


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