Mar 8, 2009

Wave Serpent Type II Conversion - Walkthrough - Part 1

Alright, here as promised the complete walkthrough of making a Wave Serpent Type II.

First we start with the packaging, as you can see Forgeworld likes to send all their parts in little plastic bags while the Wave Serpent is in a box.

First step like any other Eldar tank is to begin by getting the engines and underhull together into one nice piece. The picture above shows the completed step. Done? Good. This is an easy part.

As you can see above theres this pole like thing just at the end of the main ribbed underhull. You'll need to cut these off to complete the conversion, I reccomend making a straight cut with a sharp hobby knife, it should come off easily.

Next, get the pilot and the outer carapace hull assembled and put it on the underhull as normal for a Falcon grav tank.

Attach the extended hold and Wave Serpent sensor to the bottom of the underhull. Also assemble and attach either the shuriken catapults or shuriken cannon and attach it.

Put on the back door from the Falcon and Wave Serpent sprues as normal.

Finally, attach the Energy Shield spines to the front of the Wave Serpent.

I'll cover more in part 2 of this series as I assemble more of the Wave Serpent.


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