Mar 29, 2009

Vyper Weapons

I just finished another game tonight with a Win against some Tau with my new weapon configuration of 2 Star Cannons and 1 Scatter Laser. While this post won't be so much about the battle, I do want to put some thoughts down on how this worked out for me.

I've been finding that this combination is working exceedingly well so far. The Guided Vyper squadron even managed to snipe down a Broadside team in one volley - something I know all scatter lasers probably wouldn't be able to do without being exceptionally lucky.

I do miss the extra shots the two scatter lasers provided, but I've been finding that the 8 S6 shots, 4 of them being AP2, seems to have a more consistent effect against MEQ, eliminating their saves from the equation.

In my army, I've been running a Jetbike squad led by my Farseer, with Doom and Guide, that works together with this Vyper squadron. I kept my Farseer close by to the squadron so she could cast Guide on them, and I had also given her Doom as well, using that against what the Vypers were going to shoot, or what her own unit was going to shoot.

The unit may be a little more expensive in points this way, but I feel that it's worth it to get more consistent and reliable kills. My opponents are usually Orks, Space Marines, Tau, Necrons, and a new player is starting up Witchhunters. There's a lot of 3+ and 2+ saves there that just need to be gone.

I've been finding that my speed, and using the right angles to attack from, and where I place objectives allows me to avoid the dreaded cover save my opponent might get against these guns.

Although I like how the Star Cannons are performing, I do like the Scatter Laser still, and I don't plan on dropping it anytime soon. Sometimes units just need raw numbers of shots to deal with, and I feel that this combination of 2 Star Cannons and 1 Scatter laser lets me find a sort of comfortable middle ground between those two.

What do you think?


RonSaikowski March 29, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

I think I appreciate you posting this so I can learn from what you're doing and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.


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