Mar 17, 2009

Storm Serpent - Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy, but even with 2 unfinished super heavy tanks, and a whole host of models still left to be finished, I'm already dreaming about another project I'm going to undertake this summer - that is as long as Forgeworld doesn't beat me to it.

The project you ask? Converting a Scorpion into a 28mm scale Storm Serpent for Apocalypse.

The plan? Start with a Scorpion and a Falcon Type II, add lots of cutting and modeling and hard work. I'll be purchasing them sometime soon, so this is little more than a preemptive notice to gather as many ideas as I can.


sovietspace March 17, 2009 at 4:50 AM  

Interesting idea, good luck! What role/weapons does a Storm Serpent have? I've never played Epic and I've never heard of the thing, so I'm quite intrigued...

Akenseth March 17, 2009 at 9:48 AM  

A storm serpent is like other super heavy tanks like the Cobra and Scorpion - but it is more like it's smaller cousin the Wave Serpent.

"The Storm Serpent was first reported as a gunship in the Crucien War in M36 and many tacticians were befuddled when large numbers of Eldar troops came out from the sleekly designed craft. An Imperial Guard position was overrun at Merloc's Point when three disgorged dozens of aspect warriors. When they were designated as primary targets, it was assumed that the passengers would be killed when the vehicle was destroyed, but this was proved false when a single wreckage was found with barely a dozen bodies within.

What the Imperium have yet to grasp is that within the Storm Serpent is a Webway Portal which allows troops to move endlessly from the vehicle. They can be accessed from anywhere in the webway, but most often they are used to quickly deploy armies from orbit. It's size limits that maximum size for deployment to about the size of a Vyper. "

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