Mar 18, 2009

PotE Poll Results - Glass Canopies

The results are in!

Paint Edges : 40%
Paint Glass : 4%
Tint Glass : 45%
Other : 9%

So with that result, I'll be working on tinting my glass canopies in the days to come. I want to thank Farmpunk who gave me a tutorial on using Future for just such a purpose. You can find that tutorial here:

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Now, what color should I tint them?


dverning March 19, 2009 at 11:48 AM  

I recommend something complimentary to your army, similar to whatever you're using as an accent color.

For example, my stock infantry run red bodysuits with bone armour; with helmets in Aspect colours as appropriate.

Subsequently my tanks are bone for the majority with red plates as an accent. The canopies had the "frame" pieces painted in matching bone while the clear parts got an application of Future tinted with Red Ink.

As a side note, I find Future goes on just a little thick when straight from the bottle. It's a water-based clear acrylic, which means it is water soluble. I suggest thinning it 1:1 with water. You sometime have to do an extra coat, but there's never any problems with distortion or hazing.

Akenseth March 19, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of going with red for my color on the glass after looking over my models. I tend to use red on the various gems on the blue parts of the armor, and the glass is bordered by blue.

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