Mar 12, 2009

Exodite Forces - Part 1

(Left, the original Exodite models of yesteryear)

I want to go over some of the various thoughts that I had while taking on this army. I have played Eldar since pretty much forever but I was looking to try something different.

I decided to dig out all the old stuff I had laying around and I fixated on Exodites. Originally when I was coming up with ideas, I would take the time to go though the catalog of current miniatures that I could easily get my hands on in decent numbers. That way I would be able to expand the army with bits and other components easily, and with consistancy. Nothing is worse than starting a project and having to take apart models because you can't get certain bits anymore.

One of the first things I looked at was the new Dark Elf plastic sets. I would use cold ones for my jetbikes and corsairs for rangers, along with a host of other bits I've had laying around from kits to make the conversions. New lizardmen models also add to the possibilities especially with the new plastic and much cheaper stegadon (makes me think of a perfect chance for a wraithlord conversion - more on this later).

When it came down to vehicles of the Exodites, I was looking for certain models to proxy for various vehicles. I began looking at things like the Dark Elf hydra, many Lizardmen models, High Elf Dragons, and some of the older range of miniatures. I soon came to realize one problem with using vehicles being represented in the manner of creatures. Vehicles in 40k are very specific; they have characteristics like turrets, sponsons, facings, access points, fire points and just simply their size, and shape of the hull. I've already touched on this part about the army before in another post, and several other instances thoughout making the army.

I decided that I would take another page out of fluff and run the army as Exodites supported by a minor Craftworld. There are many accounts of Craftworlds coming to the aid of the Exodites, especially Biel-Tan. This would allow me to use stock 40k kits, and convert them using Forgeworld bits and adding some other touches to them.

When thinking about army composition, I wanted to focus heavily on dragon riders. Planting cold ones on 40mm bases was an easy start, and the 40mm bases are only about a centimeter larger than the old clear small plastic jetbike bases, so I doubt anyone will have a problem with that since they count as guardian jetbikes.

My other idea was using corsair cloaks and long booted legs for rangers. It seemed to work well in the conversion, but I haven't really used rangers in many games so far. That might change as the army and tactics evolve.

One thing I wanted to stay away from was Aspect Warriors. These were, after all paths that the Craftworld Eldar took, and not the way of the Exodites. However, there are a few aspects that stood out as possibly having representation in an Exodite force, at least as far as using their rules, as obviously Exodites would not follow those paths themselves. Shining Spears, being jetbike mounter aspect with lances already perfectly fits the character of the army and the one that stands out most to me. Using the method of mounting Dire Avenger torsos onto cold one rider legs and equiping them as such with wrist mounted catapults from the Dire Avenger exarch, old fire dragon helmets, and modeling changes to the lances to make them laser lances, the unit was born.

I will be continuing discussing of the Exodite forces soon enough, with more ideas and conversions. Stay tuned for Part 2!


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