Mar 9, 2009

Cobra Type II Construction - Part 2

Part two in the continued construction coresponding to the Cobra (yay alliteration). Keep in mind, the main body of the tank is one soild piece of resin. This thing is a lot heavier than it looks.

Construction of the massive 10" blast template D-Cannon begins. (Thats big enough to cover the entire model!) Remember folks, thats a 10" Destroyer Strength hit that causes instant death and ignores all energy fields and void shields! The back of the tank is also glued on.

Outer casing gets put on the D-Cannon along with the air intake.

The Cobra gunner seat is assembled as well as the lateral thrusters and back "wings".

Adding a pin to the secondary weapon mount so it can rotate freely.

Secondard weapon mount is in place. No glue was used so it can rotate freely.

The Cobra fully assembled with both pilot and gunner in place. It needs to be filled in some places to get rid of those gaps, but otherwise it's good to go.


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