Mar 15, 2009

Battle Report - Tau and Eldar vs Orks and Space Marines

Okay, this was an interesting battle to be sure. Luck was definately not on our side with the Ork player getting all of his saves just about whenever he could early in the game, one time making all of his 7 or 8 cover saves against my Vypers; Fire Warriors doing poor shooting, and the enemy passing just about every morale test but one at the begining of the game. I wasn't able to shoot a video this time, but I do have a couple of in game pictures to show... keep on reading!

The mission/deployment was Seize Ground/Spearhead with 5 objectives, and we concentrated loading one side of the board up with those objectives in an effort to be able to get the enemy to come out into the open and to make defending fewer objectives easier. Speed and last minute firepower would be the plan for turn 5.

My Tau ally deployed his devilfish and commander, while I kept my forces in reserve. This paid off allowing for some rear armor missile luncher and scatter laser hits on a dreadnought. (Krak missile actually hit!) So far so good. I moved all out with my other two groups of Vypers away from table edges, knowing that Snikrot was likely to show up. First round of Tau shooting make some short work of a Nobz mob, however the Orks Waughhed and mangaged to get into assault against some unfortunate Fire Warriors.


Things were going pretty badly with Snikrot and some Kommandos attacking a Devilfish, although the Fire Warriors still inside were still safe. The Tau commander managed to fail the only saves so far they needed to make, 3 saves rolling 2, 1 and 1 resulting in death. I got my vyper squadrons together to concentrate their firepower on some Ork mobs and to move all out to get away from a deep striking Marine Assault squad.

The Tau were for the most part keeping the enemy occupied and thinning their numbers while my Exodites started zooming around eliminating strategic targets like the Deffcopta and Assault Squad. I knew that late game we would need to dominate with speed.


With so many units gone, it was becoming obvious that the best we could hope for was a draw. The Wave Serpent with Storm Guardians came into play and I decided to pull some Eldar trickery. I wanted to get these guys on an objective so we could score, but just about anywhere I was going to go I would be hit with power fits and klaws, so this is what I did.

I went for an all out move taking a gamble by moving all out towards an objective held by a tactical squad away from the nasty tank popping things, making sure to remind my opponents that the Wave Serpent was carrying a unit of Troops (I intentionally played this up, hoping they would move towards me). It paid off, and Terminators and the Captain moved in that direction, making so they would not have enough movement to make it into assault on the objective that I really wanted to control.

Vypers shot and wiped out a Boyz mob. Had I been able to wipe them out with one group I would have gone for the kill on the Tactical squad as well. I was also too far to make it to the objective being held and to kill the Boyz mob at the same time. The wave serpent then moved next turn towards that objective, allowing the game to end with a final score of 1-1 objectives controled.

Hah. Out of reach you Mon-Keigh!


Something that I noticed is that my Wave Serpent seems to not shoot, in favor of moving all out over my last few games. I think I'm going to drop the weapon upgrades on it, and outfit it with Star Engines instead. It seems to fill the roll of last second Eldar speed to grab the objectives.

What do you think?


Cannonfodder March 16, 2009 at 4:15 AM  

Definitely go for last turn scoring with the transports. Its an advantage that can't be priced too high. And don't ever exit the transport with the guardians in it- they are near to indestructable in there. Since in 5th edition you can't really be trapped when he blocks the hatch.

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