Mar 5, 2009

Army Update

Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

Just finished up some more work on the second Fire Prism. Looking at this picture I find it hard to beleive that I've completed this much. I do have a few extra HQ choices here, notibly 2 Autarchs, and 2 Farseers, but that will give me some more options on what I want to do with my lists in the future. I've been doing some thinking on converting some Swooping Hawks with Harpy wings, like my Autarch, and doing a unit of Fire Dragons, as I can see those two aspects making good conversions into my army. Obviously I have too much for one Force Chart, but I like to have many units that I can try to keep some variety in my games, and you can never have enough stuff for Apocalypse.

Left to Assemble:

  • Cobra Super Heavy Grav Tank
  • Wave Serpent Type II
  • More Dragon Riders (Jetbikes)
  • More Dragon mounted Warlocks (Jetbikes)
Has No Paint:
  • Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank
  • 2 Warwalkers
  • 1 Farseer


fred March 5, 2009 at 10:16 PM  

I see your army is coming along quite nice...

Why dont you come on vent? =[


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