Feb 17, 2009

Battle Report - VS Orks

Pitched Battle - Seize Ground

Setup and Deployment

I won the roll to deploy first and kept some Shining Spears in reserve deploying my jetbike squads and my Farseer in the corners of the table. The plan was to turbo boost around to draw the Deffcoptas towards the center of the table, so they couldn't hit me with rockets.

Mid Game

Keeping the Spears in reserve so they could go after the Deffcoptas as they approached paid off. By mid game I had elminated a squad of boys and knocked out the enemy Warboss using Mind War. My Shining Spears ran into a bit of trouble after killing the Deffkopta squad and were wiped out by a squad of Boyz.


Endgame left the enemy with only a crippled squad of Nobz without their Warboss, and a full squad of Boyz and me on two objectives. I still had 3 squads of Jetbikes up and my Farseer. The game ended on Turn 5. Victory for Eldar 2-0.


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