Nov 15, 2008

Warwalker - Work in Progress

Fluff wise, Warwalkers are used by the Exodites to herd the many dragons that are scattered among each of the Maiden worlds. A Warwalker pilot can use their machine to goad or to tame and rear the wild dragons so that the Exodites can put them to use for a variety of needs such as farming, and for the clan dragoons and kinsmen to ride.

Warwalkers also serve a vital role in war for the Exodites, as they can scout out the enemy position, and use their manuverability to get into position to deliver devistating ammounts of firepower on the enemy, weakening them before the dragon riders can strike. Warwalkers are also light, and are ridden by members of Exodite society who are aspiring to become members of the titan clans.

For this model, I decided to give it a banner from the Dark Elf Corsair sprue, complete with the sea dragon top that I had left over from assembling my Rangers. I have used pins on the model, so I will be able to exchange the weapons depending on my opponent.

The standard Eldar 60mm base was used, but I have added a splash of mud using some greenstuff. The model has been painted to match with the rest of the army, in effect camoflage for this particular maiden world.

I chose Warwalkers as a heavy support choice because it fits with the flavor of the army (Scouts special rule), the fact that the new models are really nice, and how deadly effective they can really be.


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