Nov 25, 2008

Vyper - Part 1

Vypers are a light skimmer that are used by the Exodites because of it's smaller size, and more agile manuverability. Since Exodite worlds are more populated by animals and vegitation, they aren't as neatly designed as a Craftworld, they Vyper finds a perfect home with the Exodites. It's smaller configuration is perfect for their lifestyle.

As a practical use, the Vyper's advanced skimmer technology and fast speed allows it to herd the dragons that the Warwalker cannot. Although a Warwalker provides a stable platform for larger dragons, such as the Megadon, the Vyper can go after quicker dragons, such as those ridden by the warriors of the Exodites, or even to chase the flying dragons.

In a sense of gameplay, a Vyper is about the same points as a Warwalker, although it sacrfices some firepower in favor of speed. A Vyper will be used in place of Warwalkers in missions that require the extra manuverability, speed, and for harrassing the opponent. As an added bonus, Vypers can be used to form a shield for Jetbikes, since they can keep up with them. By placing Vypers in front, they grant cover saves or even totally block line of sight. Since you can't move through vehicles, even skimmers, it also prevents a direct assault on the jetbikes as well.

After experimenting with dozens of options, I decided just to use the stock Vyper model, with a few headswaps and weapons from the Warwalker sprue. I had considered weapons platforms with cold ones pulling it, as a kind of chariot, War Hydras, Carnosaurs, ect. None of these options seem to have retained visual look of speed that the Vyper does.


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