Oct 29, 2008

Eldar Terrain - Part 1

Well, I'm still waiting for some goodies to arrive, and I've run out of bases, so for now, I'm working on a bit of terrain. After all, what good is an army without some matching tabletop decorations?

I started using some foamboard to make the basic shape, cutting it out in a rough manner, since neatness here isn't essential. Ruins tend to come out better when things are more haphazardly done.

Next I layered some greenstuff over the cutout on one side. In order to preserve detail, you can only do one side at a time, because the board is laying down. I started cutting eldar patterns into the greenstuff, and sculpted up a spirit stone. It's a good start so far, just waiting for this side to cure so I can start the next.


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